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November 16, 2019

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This Week in "Because the Internet"

October 16, 2014

By Alex Westphal





Well, the internet has done it, again. In a baffling-but-hilarious new trend sweeping the web, people are editing WWE Wrestler Randy Orton into already existing fail videos (for the most part), and the results are definitely better than you expected.


One YouTuber, Steveozzi, has been gratious enough to compile the shorts into a compilation for our vewing enjoyment. Somehow, these classic fail videos just make more sense when I can Randy Orton "RKO'ing" peoples faces into the dirt. You might be inclined to ask, "Why? Why edit Randy Orton and WWE soundbytes into these fail classics?" To which I can only answer, "Because, the internet, my friend." Check out the video below.


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