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Indie Preview: Hyper Light Drifter

October 27, 2014

By: Alex Westphal


There's something to be said for those in the gaming industry - namely, in developing and publishing - that go to extreme lengths to realize a project that started off as just a great idea. 


Heart Machine's Hyper Light Drifter is one of these exceptional Indie projects that continue to inject new life into an industry that is waning in original concepts. My first impression of the game was at PAX East this last year, where it was featured by Heart Machine in the Con's "Indie Showcase." Set in a sort of techno-ruins world that is rife in lively detail, the game is clearly a throwback both to a bygone, 16-bit era when fresh ideas and creativity were not held back by a lack of pixels. The previews show a game that oozes original style, like the gif details below. 

It should be noted that HLD features classical RPG elements, but with forward-thinking combat with blades and guns - think Legend of Zelda, with the classic isometric view, but with faster and more varied combat and powers. Various bosses and dungeons are shown in the previews, and even though the art style of the game is limited to a 16-bit style, the artists at Heart-Machine have managed to create some intense and intimidating-looking creatures to battle. This, coupled with RPG elements and visually-striking environments, help craft a world that is completely original.

I am personally excited for this title, as it not only presents the opportunity to play something that, on the surface, feels familiar - but also something that feels fresh and exciting. The game will be playable on PS4, PC, Linux and Mac (at the time of this writing) upon its release, and is 

up for pre-order, as well (for $15 or $25). Those early adopters who reserve the $25 version will be able to play the beta that is going on through 10/31/14. All of those who reserve for PC/Mac/Linux will also get a download token for the game on Steam via email, when the game is released. Check out Heart-Machine's website for more details, inlcuding the official November release date, which we are still waiting for. Look out for Roningeek.com's official review up after the game's realease.



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