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November 16, 2019

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September 5, 2018

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Review: The Walking Dead Season 5:03, "Four Walls and a Roof"

October 28, 2014

Written By: Alex Westphal








Here we go! 

I'm just going to start this off with the best line of the episode, courtesy of Bob, "Tainted meat! Taaainted meat! Tainted meat! Hahaha." The assumptions of everyone were proven correct when Bob revealed to Gareth and the Terminus gang that they had, indeed, eaten tainted Bob meat - he really had been bitten by the aquatic zombie in the last episode.


The Terminus gang proceed to leave what's left of Bob outside of the church where Rick and the gang are shacking up, and make their presence known (via some sniping from he dark woods) when Sasha and Rick come out to retrieve the dying Bob. Learning that they may be under siege, Abraham demands that they leave immediately (on the fixed church bus) for DC. Rick refuses, of course, and just before he and Abraham come to blows over the bus, Glen and Maggie offer to go with them to DC, no matter what - provided they stay and help out one last time.

Stay they do, and they work with Rick to formulate a plan for terminating the Terminus gang. This scene turns out to be very classic WD - Lots of build up and suspense, leading to the flanking and subsequent brutal murder of the remaining Terminus gang members. Gareth thinks that he stands a chance to leave the church alive, as he is prostrated and begging for his life, and asks why Rick didn't shoot him already, to which Rick answers, "Didn't want to waste the bullets." Pretty badass. Frugal Rick then proceeds to hack Gareth to death with a machete, while the other members of the gang are bludgeoned to death alongside him.


So, no more Terminus gang. 


Michonne found her sword on one of the Terminus gang's bodies. That was good news. Bob did pass away in the end; and Tyreese, seemingly getting over his pacifism, took over the neutralizing head-stab for the mourning Sasha. Goodbye, Bob, your haphazardness will be missed.


Refusing to miss an episode, Daryl pops out of the woods at the last minute, and in a rush. Michonne finds him first, and Daryl orders someone in the woods to come out... but we will have to wait to find out who. No Carol, though... hmmmm.






Thank you for reading, below is your prize!



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