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The Mandalorian Episode 2 "The Child" Review (SPOILERS)

November 16, 2019

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September 5, 2018

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The Mandalorian Episode 2 "The Child" Review (SPOILERS)

November 16, 2019

Warning: This review contains FULL SPOILERS for The Mandalorian S1:E2, "The Child"


Debuting on Friday, November 15th, Disney + and Star Wars fans already have the second episode of The Mandalorian to enjoy and it's more than living up to the hype.


In what may be a strategic move, this chapter clocked in somewhat shorter than "Chapter One," at 27-28 minutes depending on how much of the credits you want to watch. Also, while on comparisons, the music gets much better (or at least more fitting) for this episode, an improvement over the first.


While not nearly as narrative heavy as "Chapter One," in this installment we are connected right away with the title character and his Yoda Baby, floating along in his/her pod behind the Mandolorian as they return to his ship. The fight with the Trandoshan Bounty Hunters was fun, and we finally got to see what that massive rifle that the Mando carries can do... and it's awesome. 



The rifle is quickly used again to obliterate several of the Jawas who are busy dismantling the Razor Crest (Mando's ship) upon their return. The Mandolorian gives chase to them in their Sandcrawler (another nice surprise) as they make their escape, only to be comically dropped by a gang of Jawas from the roof of the Crawler with their stun blasters.


Upon reconnecting with Kuill (thank goodness because Nick Nolte is so great in this role), they travel to find the Jawas and attempt at trading for Razor Crest parts. In what turns out to be as hilarious an exchange with the Jawas as you would imagine, they settle on a deal: Mando brings them an egg, and they give him the parts back. 


The Jawas are clearly enthusiastic for this egg, chanting the entire way to the cave where it rests. The battle with the massive Mud Horn that ensues is insane, and the Mandolorian is absolutely destroyed by this beast as it charges at him multiple times, sending him flinging into the air and crashing down over and over. His armor is taking the bulk of the damage and is left bent and hanging on by threads. 



Just when it seems the Mud Horn is about to stomp the life out of Mando, it gets force-levitated by our Yoda Baby in such an awesome sequence - Mando coming to the realization that this incredible event was happening was so much fun to watch (which might also be because we're in on the story regarding these green guys and their force-affinity).


From here the Mud Horn is somehow simply dispatched with a quick knife stab, and the egg is delivered to the Jawas... who promptly slice the top off and eagerly dig into their special yellow yolk-snack... I lol'd at this scene, it's so good!


Kuill helps Mando get the ship back in working order and subsequently declines an offer to work with Mando as a crew member, stating he sought his whole life to escape servitude. Mando and sleepy Yoda Baby took off from whatever planet that was and that's it!


It should be noted that at one point Kuill acknowledges to Mando that he doesn't understand what happened when it was explained how the Mud Horn was defeated. Mando also doesn't seem to have context for this, but the scene doesn't reveal much more. What's easy to see is these guys either don't know about the force, or don't know enough to identify it when they encounter it. 


Overall this Episode is a MUST WATCH and I can't wait to talk with more SW fans about the overall quality of the chapter and the way in which the Jawas and the Yoda Baby were presented. It was just SO MUCH FUN TO WATCH. Honestly, what an absolute joy.


No gripes in this ep other than the length (too short). Looking forward to meeting the rest of the principal cast (next week?).




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